May 04, 2010

“ESCANA”, the new prestige project of REGNUM, will be delivered to its owners this summer.

REGNUM ESCANA, which offers four seasons of comfortable life with its unique view and its unique location, is located at the heart of Bodrum.

Ready for this summer, Regnum Escana Houses offer the whole range of privileges. Consisting of 25 luxury villas built with the concept of smart home, which is unrivalled in Bodrum as well as in Turkey, haunts the visitors with its location overlooking the Bodrum Castle and Marina.

Unique. Unmatched...

REGNUM ESCANA combines the authentic architecture of Bodrum with the 21st century technology. Built with the concept of "smart home", Escana has heating and air-conditioning systems that can be pre-operated via mobile phone or internet, as well as all electrical and electronic devices, including lighting and television, that can be remotely controlled.

The prospective residents of Escana villas, starting this summer, will enjoy private swimming pools, Jacuzzis, saunas and fitness areas in private gardens that are isolated from the other houses. The residents of Regnum Escana will experience the comfort of a luxury hotel at their homes with optional services of steward, cleaning, gardening and pool cleaning.

One of the favorite living spaces of Bodrum by its location and authentic design, REGNUM ESCANA is comprised of 25 triplex villas which have and area of 18 decares and a total construction area of 10.800 square meters.

Offering housing to its resident throughout the year, the villas of REGNUM ESCANA vary in size from 400 to 450 square meters.