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Years of Experience

About Us

REGNUM Turkey is a real estate development company managed by Ozturk Corporate Group. The company aims to develop projects in the highest quality standards through the use of a competent labor and first class materials for both local and foreign customers, and to construct comfortable houses approved by the world quality standards and designed by safety measurements.

Regnum currently has more than 20 real estate investments, which are in the phases of planning, project and construction, in Turkey, England and Bulgaria. Furthermore, Regnum aims to maximize safety and comfort in all projects it initiates, and to provide the residents a quality life in a peaceful place.

Our SEC-G Policy

The priority of REGNUM in all projects is to provide the employees and the working environments with health, safety and also security, and increase quality and productivity without harming the environment.

Human Resources

Our human resources policy is to form our organizational structure with the team members, who are suitable to our corporate values, open to changes, act according to the team spirit, and to always change these persons in their own fields.

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