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Regnum Astrum Towers constructed at a site with 34000 square-meters in Haramidere and consisted of 5 blocks and 1285 apartments address the customers at all income levels thanks to 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 and 4+1 (duplex) options.

Outdoor and indoor swimming pools, fitness center, sauna, restaurant, bazaar, outdoor and indoor parking lots, sports fields and children’s park in the project of Astrum Towers will take sports and entertainment a step further.

Considering the global warming which is one of the important problems of the world, a better future waits for you in Astrum Towers where a system will collect and purify rain water in order to water the green zones.

Astrum Towers, that provides the residents with an opportunity to observe the space through a telescope at the observatory to be placed in one of the blocks, is the ’’first and only project’’. Thanks to the telescope at the space observatory, you can see a sky you have never seen before, and you can reach all information you wonder at the astronomical library to be established.

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