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Regnum Sky Residence

Regnum Sky Residence

There are white appliances, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, cable and satellite-TV systems, internal telephones for communication within the Residence, and door alarm systems at the apartments determined as standardized, 4+1 and 209 square-meters in gross.

In the project of Sky Residence, there are indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness center, playgrounds for children, two saunas, massage parlor, tennis court, meeting room, and everything required for a safe life. External wall of Regnum Sky Residence constructed on a raft foundation consists of fibro-concrete, and the Residence has an analogue fire system which works with the building automation in a coordinated manner.

In all apartments of Sky Residence, there are double-glazing units, which break the solar rays and reduce the radiation effects of such rays, at the windows in addition to the air conditioning system. Furthermore, there are a personalized residence entrance system, outdoor control system for heat and lightening, fire warning and firefighting system which is also monitored from a single center, urgent elevator, emergency switchgears to be activated in case of earthquake, generator system, and a warehouse and parking lot for two vehicles of each apartment in the basement floor.

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